Seasonal allergies, also known as Allergic Rhinitis, are no joke. The coughing, sneezing, and itching that these allergies produce causes great discomfort and lost productivity for millions of Americans each year. Almost everyone has experienced, or knows someone who has experienced both the frustrating physiological and mental effects of Allergic Rhinitis. Allergic Rhinitis works by… Read More

Ankle sprain

Injuries caused by participation in athletic activities are common among both recreational and professional athletes. While acupuncture techniques have been used in China and Hong Kong for a long time as an alternative or ¬†supplementary treatment (Fong, 2008), they are also now being used in the West. Studies carried out by Western scientists confirm findings… Read More

Acupuncture and Migraines

There are few conditions more actively debilitating than frequent migraines. ¬†Every year tens of millions of Americans experience migraine headaches, characterized by moderate to severe head pain lasting between 2 and 72 hours. These headaches are often worsened by secondary effects such as nausea, making the performance of daily physical tasks exceedingly difficult. While there… Read More